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Front Office Trainee 前廳部實習生

上海雅居樂萬豪酒店 Shanghai Marriott Hotel City Centre
  • 國際五星級酒店  |
  • 500人以上  |
  • 2021-05-16

  不限工作經驗  不限學歷   招若干人  性別:不限
  不限 不限 不限   年齡:不限


- Has pro-active working attitude and pay attention to details
- Good team spirit
- Good communications and interpersonal skills

- 工作認真自信,積極主動
- 擁有團隊合作精神
- 擁有良好的溝通和人際協調能力

Marriott International is an equal opportunity employer committed to hiring a diverse workforce and sustaining an inclusive culture. 作為一家平等雇傭的雇主,萬豪國際集團承諾雇傭不同背景的員工并支持多元包容的文化。


電 話:021-23129888
傳 真:021-23129609
聯 系 人:人力資源部
地 址:上海市黃浦區西藏中路555號雅居樂萬豪酒店地下三層(請從長沙路員工通道進入)









地址:上海市黃浦區西藏中路555號 人力資源部 (酒店B1員工通道進入)

Construction of the largest full-service Marriott-branded flagship hotel in Asia- Pacific, Shanghai Marriott Hotel City Centre opened its doors on 24 November, 2011. Located aside People's Square and Park on Xi Zang Middle Road, the Shanghai Marriott Hotel City Centre boasts a premium downtown location and provides effortless access to the city’s finest cultural, entertainment and shopping attractions. Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street, People’s Park and the Bund, plus the People’s Square metro hub (connecting lines 1, 2 and 8) are all within close walking distance.

Besides 720 bedrooms, we offer our guests five different dining options varying from fine dining to alfresco inside the 39-storey sleek glass and steel structure. Level 6 includes a luxurious Spa focused on providing superior body and beauty rituals within seven treatment rooms. Fitness enthusiasts enjoy a 25 meter indoor swimming pool with Jacuzzi, Steam and Sauna as well as an extensive cardiovascular gymnasium.

The Brilliant Hosts of Marriott City Centre are devoted to play forward the company culture of Marriott International, "Take care of our associates; and our associates will take care of our guests.” We are proud masters of our craft. With skill and imagination, we create memorable experiences unique to each guest. Relentless in our pursuit of excellence, we live our Brand Founder’s words “put people first” and raise it to an art form. We are committed to providing you tremendous job opportunities and systematic training programs to strengthen your career development. Warmly welcome you to join us.

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